Success Tips to Real Estate Professionals With Blogs

More and more real estate professionals are getting into business blogging and there are things they should be considering if they wish to be successful at it. You see, a real estate professional generally works a specific region or specializes in a specific niche.

Thus, real estate bloggers must focus on that niche. If you specialize in REOs, vacation homes, rental homes, or short sales, then you need to write about that, plus you need to write about your area and region.

For instance if you sell real estate in the Dallas Fort Worth Area, then you need to have information on your blog specific to your niche and to that region. And you should have titles and key words containing the names of neighborhoods, cities and your specialty.

Also you need to write about local things, information like the best restaurants in the area on your blog. This will drive the traffic you need. Write about the high school, local events, and write about AYSO soccer sign ups.

You need to write about things that are of interest to families, real estate investors and such. You should write about local golf courses, volunteer organizations too. By doing this you are “giving” information and this is how informational soft-selling works.

Although I am not a real estate sales person, I see folks struggle in the blogging venue, why? Well, my theory is that most of them are baby boomers and just do not really understand the blogosphere much.

You see, if you have real estate blog and just post all your listings “willy nilly” it will eventually turn people off. If your blogging network allows this, fine, it’s okay to post a few listings, but you really need to put local information up too.

Another thing I see as a problem for real estate folks is that they post too much information about politics, this is not wise, you will automatically cause 50% of your clientele to never want to do business with you, so that should be left out, probably leaving religion out too is a good idea, unless you want to make a blog post about all the churches and synagogues in the area.

If you are out with friends drinking, for Pete’s Sake, do not post silly photos of you doing stupid things online, that may be cool for some, but it is a turn off to many. Well, I suppose that is enough advice on real estate blogging for one night, except for all the obvious stuff like:

Check Your Spelling (quality)
Use Pictures
Make Sure You Are Accurate
Blog Consistently (2-3 per week)
Engage Your Reader (ask questions at the bottom of blog posts
Be Nice to Those Who Leave Comments

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