Real Estate Marketing – Building Relationships Through Blogging

When you sit down with your blog, stare at the blank screen and try to decide what to write, what do you think of? Do you try to force a post about the housing market? Do you try to wrangle out a blog post based on a business principle that you learned that week? While this isn’t a completely negative way to come up with blog posts, let’s take a step back and remember our purpose for this real estate blog.

Having a blog on your website is a great way to share who you are with your website visitors. While our ultimate goal is to convert those visitors into clients, we don’t want to cram a lot of straight real estate information down their throats. Here are some tips to building those referral relationships with your blog readers.

Create Connections
Our purpose is to create connections with folks. With a blog online, people from all over the world can come and view your blog and create that connection with you. While these folks may not turn out to be actual clients, they may know someone that they could refer to you. You never know where your next client may come from!

Make it Personal
When coming up with your next blog post, here’s something to keep in mind to help build those referral relationships. Don’t be afraid to write about topics other than just business. If you love flower gardening, talk a bit about that, share some tips, etc. You never know what other gardeners are out there. They may find that connection with you and immediately you are much more real to them than other real estate agents in your area. Talk about your family, the special vacation you recently took, etc. By sharing personal topics, you are turning yourself into a real person online. No longer are you viewed as a “generic” real estate agent, but a living, breathing human being.

Be Yourself
Do you worry and stress over each phrase that you use in your blog posts? Are you afraid that you will come across in a way that may cause someone to leave your blog and go somewhere else? Don’t be! Be yourself on your blog. Share who you are in such a way that reflects you. You want to focus your time and energies on those prospects and clients which resonate with you. So take a deep breath, and stop worrying about just how to word your thoughts. Jot down your post, re-read it to be sure there are no typos or grammar issues, and then post!

You will find that as you begin to share more about who you are outside of the real estate world, your blog readers will begin to connect with you in a deeper way. And now I would like to invite you to claim yo

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